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Top / Flop of the locally trained players : The extraordinary profitability of Nadir Hifi

Two players crush the top 20 of profitability, all nationalities included. Certainly, the fact that they are both low paid makes things easier for Nadir Hifi and Enzo Shahrvin. But who could have expected at the beginning of the season that the former would be Portel's second-highest rated and sixth-highest locally-trained player in the league...
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Salaries 2022-23 – The coaches : Sasa Obradovic and the rest

It's been a given for years: SIG Strasbourg doesn't have to prove that it is among the cream of the crop of French basketball. Its budget of nearly 7 million euros, anchored in the top 4 of the division, attests it in spite of a very light decline. With a well preserved structure and a...
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Betclic Elite – Top 20 Salaries 2022-23 : Monaco and ASVEL win it all

This season, ten players earn 700k euros or more in the French championship. An absolute record when you know that last year, there were only two above 600k euros! Not surprisingly, the players of Monaco and ASVEL take the biggest share of the cake. There are only three members of the top 20 who do...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Strasbourg : the Luca Banchi effect

It's been a given for years: SIG Strasbourg doesn't have to prove that it is among the cream of the crop of French basketball. Its budget of nearly 7 million euros, anchored in the top 4 of the division, attests it in spite of a very light decline. With a well preserved structure and a...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Roanne : March Attacks !

Sixteenth in 2020-21, thirteenth in 2021-22, at the doors of the top 8 at mid-season 2022-23. With a step back, we can only note the recent progress of the Chorale de Roanne, within the limits at mid-season for its announced objective: to find the playoffs. However, its budget remains well anchored in the last third...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Pau : The age of reason

For a year, Pau has been living a bad dream called Couterpointe Sports Group. Via the city hall of Pau, these American "investors" - the quotation marks are used advisedly - had the club in their hands and promised wonders, including a real estate project around the sports palace. We could believe in the presence...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Paris : Ismael Kamagate, a jewel at a good price

On the floor, the highest salary of the club is the prerogative of a French player but who also has a little experience in the NBA and G-League, Axel Toupane (300k euros). The trophy for the best value for money goes to Ismaël Kamagate. He is in 5th place in the evaluation in Betclic Elite...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Nanterre on quicksand

Experienced coach Pascal Donnadieu said that he has never experienced such a situation, such a slaughter in his ranks. Four of his five biggest earners have been severely affected since the beginning of the season. It all started (badly) with Bastien Pinault and his broken finger. Then, it was the turn of the Bosnian Miralem...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Nancy : Mike Scott, the chief’s surprise

Eleven years after its last title of French champion and after five years of purgatory in the lower echelon, Nancy made its return to the elite. With a different status, that of a promoted team, but not without ambition. The Gentilly public is not mistaken, filling a 6,000-person hall on several occasions since the beginning...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Monaco : 8 players over 700k euros

Two seasons ago, the two biggest salaries of the elite were the prerogative of Villeurbanne (Guerschon Yabusele and Moustapha Fall, 300k euros the season). We were drooling with envy when we discovered those of the Euroleague divas at one, two or more millions. With ASVEL and especially Monaco, French basketball has entered another dimension. On...
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Salaries 2022-23 – ASVEL : Nando De Colo, first French millionaire of Betclic Elite

ASVEL was not supposed to build such a competitive team before the future LDLC Arena, scheduled for late 2023. But the dream of a quadruple on the French scene, that only Mulhouse managed between 1928 and 1931 has committed the 3-time defending champion to bet on this season as well and thus convince its sponsors...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Limoges : CSP rides the Cancellieri wave, Desi Rodriguez more than profitable

For the moment, the season of the CSP Limoges is very calm, except for the departure of Darrin Govens. For the rest, no fired coach, no internal crisis, no high screams. And the result is there: the club is in 7th place in the ranking with a record of 9 wins and 8 losses. It...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Le Portel : a Little Thumb with a huge Nadir Hifi

Since its return to the elite in 2017, Le Portel has never had a quiet season, sailing at the end of the year between 11th and 16th place (excluding the 2019-20 season, 18th, before the stop because of covid). The fault of still modest means. This season, Le Portel has increased budget and payroll, but...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Le Mans : Captain Terry Tarpey at low price but high impact

Terry Tarpey has lived one of the most beautiful success stories ever observed in the French team. He got his first selection in November 2021 against Montenegro, during a winter window, at 27 years old, and ten months later, the Franco-American found himself included in the major five at EuroBasket. The glue guy proved to...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Gravelines-Dunkerque : the Laurent Legname effect

It has been a long time that the BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque gets insufficient results (no playoffs since 2016), relatively far from the resources put on the table by its leaders. And this beginning of the season, with a calamitous record of 3 wins for 7 losses on the first 10 games, has not deviated from the...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Fos : Allan Dokossi, the sherif in town

Last season, Fos Provence narrowly saved its place in the first division, the essential for a promoted club. But, in a region entirely focused on soccer, the club has all the difficulties in the world to gather a budget worthy of the Betclic Elite. Two figures confirm it: 5 clubs of the second division have...
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