ASVEL offers its first Leaders Cup, Nando De Colo MVP

In its large cupboard of trophies, ASVEL adds a first Leaders Cup next to a trophy of the Semaine des As won in 2010. It dominated the JL Bourg in the final (83-74) with a royal Nando De Colo, who was elected MVP.
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Pro B Salaries 2022-23 – Coaches : Savo Vucevic at the top of the division

As well as the players, when a coach exceeds the 100k euros in Pro B, it is not anecdotal. This is the case this season of Savo Vucevic in Chalon-sur-Saône. The biggest budget of the division, Elan has bet on a coach referenced for its objective of recovery. A choice that has paid off for...
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Top 20 : Antoine Eito stays on top

For the heads of the championship, the Pro B pays well. They are 24 to receive 70k euros and more. Compared to the rates charged in Betclic Elite, this may seem low but these players would be among the 140 best paid players in the elite. As for the highest paid player in Pro B,...
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Vichy-Clermont: Tray Boyd’s machine gun hits the mark

The JA Vichy-Clermont Metropole is an atypical club. First, it plays with only one JNFL, Tray Boyd, after the calamitous passage of Callum Lawson. Then, if it increased its budget of approximately 100k euros, it lowered the amount devoted to its wage bill, of approximately 50k euros. This places the club, on this criterion, among...
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Saint-Vallier : Jazzmarr Ferguson struggles

Saint-Vallier Basket Drôme is used, since last season - its first at this level since 2013-14 - to make with weak resources and to tremble until the end for the maintenance. It is the same this season, badly begun - 1 victory for 6 defeats on the first 7 games - and hardly better continued...
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Saint-Quentin : Mathis Dossou-Yovo ultra-profitable

There was the surprise effect in 2020-21. Despite its small means, Saint-Quentin ended the season on the podium of the Pro B. And then there was the confirmation, with a very nice third place while its resources remained modest. At the halfway point, we can say that this year is the year of affirmation. The...
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Saint-Chamond : Mathieu Boyer, the only satisfaction

What is going on in Saint-Chamond? While the club inaugurated its new Arena (4,200 seats) during the first day of the championship with a victory and good promises, it then began a slow descent into hell, including two series of four and five consecutive defeats, which makes it occupy today the bottom of the ranking....
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Salaries Pro B 2022-23 – Orléans : Tyran de Lattibeaudière well alone

Last summer was nothing like a vacation for the OLB. The whole club was hanging on the various appeals of Pau - in case of demotion, Pau would have left its place in Betclic Elite to Orléans - for an outcome… at the end of July. And a relegation of the Orleans club confirmed. That's...
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Top / Flop of the locally trained players : The extraordinary profitability of Nadir Hifi

Two players crush the top 20 of profitability, all nationalities included. Certainly, the fact that they are both low paid makes things easier for Nadir Hifi and Enzo Shahrvin. But who could have expected at the beginning of the season that the former would be Portel's second-highest rated and sixth-highest locally-trained player in the league...
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Salaries 2022-23 – The coaches : Sasa Obradovic and the rest

It's been a given for years: SIG Strasbourg doesn't have to prove that it is among the cream of the crop of French basketball. Its budget of nearly 7 million euros, anchored in the top 4 of the division, attests it in spite of a very light decline. With a well preserved structure and a...
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Betclic Elite – Top 20 Salaries 2022-23 : Monaco and ASVEL win it all

This season, ten players earn 700k euros or more in the French championship. An absolute record when you know that last year, there were only two above 600k euros! Not surprisingly, the players of Monaco and ASVEL take the biggest share of the cake. There are only three members of the top 20 who do...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Strasbourg : the Luca Banchi effect

It's been a given for years: SIG Strasbourg doesn't have to prove that it is among the cream of the crop of French basketball. Its budget of nearly 7 million euros, anchored in the top 4 of the division, attests it in spite of a very light decline. With a well preserved structure and a...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Roanne : March Attacks !

Sixteenth in 2020-21, thirteenth in 2021-22, at the doors of the top 8 at mid-season 2022-23. With a step back, we can only note the recent progress of the Chorale de Roanne, within the limits at mid-season for its announced objective: to find the playoffs. However, its budget remains well anchored in the last third...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Pau : The age of reason

For a year, Pau has been living a bad dream called Couterpointe Sports Group. Via the city hall of Pau, these American "investors" - the quotation marks are used advisedly - had the club in their hands and promised wonders, including a real estate project around the sports palace. We could believe in the presence...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Paris : Ismael Kamagate, a jewel at a good price

On the floor, the highest salary of the club is the prerogative of a French player but who also has a little experience in the NBA and G-League, Axel Toupane (300k euros). The trophy for the best value for money goes to Ismaël Kamagate. He is in 5th place in the evaluation in Betclic Elite...
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Salaries 2022-23 – Nanterre on quicksand

Experienced coach Pascal Donnadieu said that he has never experienced such a situation, such a slaughter in his ranks. Four of his five biggest earners have been severely affected since the beginning of the season. It all started (badly) with Bastien Pinault and his broken finger. Then, it was the turn of the Bosnian Miralem...
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