Why and how to subscribe to the Premium option ?

Like other online media, we chose a paid model for some of our articles for several reasons.

Reason n°1 : Basket Europe Premium, premium content just for you

Choose your formula and access exclusive PREMIUM content: folders, interviews, portraits, reports, archives, feature articles, but not only! 

Reason n°2 : provide you with original and quality content

As you have seen since 2017, we do not favour the quantity of daily items. On the other hand, we want to focus on quality and comment on the information we receive and the information we seek from the source. 

Reason n°3 : guarantee our independence and ensure our sustainability

Ubiquitous advertising on a site is not pleasant for the reader or for a publisher like ours. We do not want to be tied to advertisers who can suspend their advertising investments overnight and jeopardize our business. We prefer to focus on your passion for basketball!

As a subscriber, it is you who are invited to operate BasketEurope.com and to develop it. By subscribing to Basket Europe Premium you allow us to deliver your daily dose of basketball without any understanding of quality.

Reason n°4 : promote the French and European basketball culture

Our team is built around Pascal Legendre, founder of Maxi-Basket thirty-five years ago and who was Editor in Chief of various basketball publications. A sport that has 600,000 licensees in France must have a specialized professional website to promote its culture in the 21st century, the Internet.

We guarantee you a minimum of 20 Premium items per month with the will to continue to develop our content and our team. Basket Europe Premium is therefore the equivalent of a paid magazine, but which would be renewed every day.

Concretely, 90% of the articles of the site remain in open access, but our files, interviews, portraits, reports, archives and other feature articles will be reserved for our subscribers. Vous pouvez déjà les consulter dans la catégorie Premium afin de constater la pertinence de notre offre.You can already consult them in the Premium category to see the relevance of our offer.